Orthopedic Surgery

Like people, pets may develop problems with the bones, spine, and joints. Sometimes, surgery is required to restore normal movement. These surgeries generally produce good results for pets that are suffering from various bone and joint issues. At El Toro Animal Hospital in Lake Forest CA, we offer pet orthopedic surgical procedures to restore your pet’s mobility.

Orthopedic Surgery

Understanding Orthopedic Surgery for Pets

Orthopedics is a specialized area of veterinary medicine focused on dysfunction in animals’ bones, joints, and spines. Genetic issues, accidents, and aging can cause several problems best addressed by a veterinary orthopedic specialist. When more conservative treatments fail to remedy an animal’s pain and immobility, surgery may be necessary. A variety of procedures are used to repair tendons and ligaments and to correct bone disorders, allowing pets to return to normal activity levels. These procedures usually require a period of healing. Post-surgical physical therapy may also be required to achieve the best outcomes. 

Symptoms of Orthopedic Problems

Some symptoms of orthopedic problems are easy to spot, such as limping or decreased activity levels. Others are subtler. You may notice your pet is reluctant to exercise or may lick at their leg in the same place constantly attempting to soothe the discomfort. You may notice your pet favoring one leg, getting up more stiffly, or hopping when a joint or ligament slips out of place. An animal may vocalize due to sudden pain. Some animals act depressed and may lose their appetite. 

Surgical Procedures for Common Orthopedic Issues

Our veterinarian offers several orthopedic procedures to help pets with orthopedic problems be more active and more comfortable. Complex fractures can be repaired to allow for optimal healing. Cruciate ligament tears can be corrected with surgical techniques. Spinal disc procedures can restore your pet’s mobility if he or she is suffering from a herniated or bulging disc. Total hip, elbow, and knee replacement procedures are available for pets with serious joint disorders. 

Make El Toro Animal Hospital Your Destination for Pet Orthopedic Surgery in Lake Forest, CA

At El Toro Animal Hospital, our experienced veterinary professionals have been using their extensive knowledge to provide pet owners in Lake Forest, CA with reliable animal care services for many years. We offer many services for our patients aside from orthopedic surgery including vaccination, dental care, spay and neuter surgery, and boarding. Call us today at (949) 837-5222 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian. 

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