Our team at El Toro Animal Hospital is comprised of highly trained and experienced animal health professionals who have a genuine love for animals.

Our staff treats every patient with the highest quality of medical care and a gentle touch.

Dr. Fred Saad

Dr. Fred Saad, DVM, has been offering his veterinary services for over 20 years. He is a firm believer in providing his patients the highest quality of medical care at an honest and reasonable price. Dr. Fred graduated from Cairo University in 1972 as a DVM. After immigrating to the U.S, Dr. Fred decided to further his veterinary education at Purdue University, and Oklahoma State.

He went on to practice in Nevada in 1999, where he worked primarily to advance his surgery skills. In 1999 Dr. Fred moved to Orange County, where he purchased El Toro Animal Hospital in 2000. He is an active member of the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), CVMA (California State Veterinary Medical Association), and SCVMA (Southern California Veterinary Medical Association).

Dr. Fred’s most notable career moment was when he was one of the first Veterinarians in Orange County to utilize stem cells to treat hip dysplasia and joint disease. He is also skilled in a wide range of surgeries from stem cell, neuter, spay, and soft tissue surgeries. Dr. Fred’s interests outside of work include spending time with his family and the beach!

Dr. Gordon Scott Diehl

Dr. Gordon Scott Diehl, DVM, is a brand-new addition to the El Toro Animal Hospital Family, joining our team in 2019. A Purdue University Graduate, Dr. Diehl’s most notable work includes a research project utilizing heterography pig heart valves in pursuing human heart valve replacements with Hancock Laboratories.

Dr. Diehl established the Camino Veterinary Clinic in 1977 in San Clemente, a general practice serving San Clemente, Dana Point, and San Juan. Dr. Diehl also served on the San Clemente City Council for four terms and served as San Clemente Mayor four times over 20 years! He is responsible for assisting in the animal shelter’s founding serving San Clemente, Capo Beach, and Dana Point. Dr. Diehl also helped provide treatments required to sterilize shelter pets before adoption, from 1984-2019.