Pet Boarding in Lake Forest, CA

If you are thinking about boarding your pet, you may have considered an animal hospital as your boarding facility. There are many reasons why you should consider boarding your pet at our veterinary clinic, including high-quality kennels and easy access to treatment in the rare event that your pet becomes injured or ill during its stay. At El Toro Animal Hospital, we understand you want your pet to be safe and comfortable while away from home. If you have concerns about boarding your pet at our Lake Forest facility, here are a few things you should know first.

Affordable Boarding that Fulfills Your Needs

Boarding for cats and dogs can be affordable at our animal hospital. You do not have to sacrifice quality for  a good price either. Your pet will be in a climate-controlled environment that is clean and offers fresh food, water, and care daily.

Dog Boarding

Dog boarding includes playtime outside, food, water, and lots of love and attention. If your pet is boarded  for a longer period of time, we also offer dog baths. Your dog will be able to socialize with caretakers and other animals to ensure it does not feel alone while you are gone. In order to board your dog, he or she needs to be up to date on vaccines. For dogs, vaccine requirements include those for DHP, rabies, Bordetella, and parvovirus. We will also assess if your dog shows any signs of aggression to ensure its own safety as well as the safety of other pets and providers.

Cat Boarding

When you board your cat, you can trust that it will be in a safe and clean facility throughout the stay. Your cat will also have access to a litter box, food, water, and toys while in our care. Cats are also required to have certain vaccines, including those for rabies, FeLV, and FVRCP. If your cat has special needs, make sure to alert our staff members before their stay.

Visit Us for Pet Boarding in Lake Forest, CA

Do you still have questions about pet boarding at our facility? Our team can help you determine if our facility is a good choice for your pet. El Toro Animal Hospital provides pet boarding and more for pets in and around the Lake Forest area. If you are curious about our services, call our office to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how we can help. 

Dog Boarding:

Includes two 20 minute or more outside playtime, food + water and lots of love!

  • Up to 40lbs – $30.00 per night
  • 41-70lbs – $35.00 per night
  • 71-99lbs – $40.00 per night
  • 100+ – $45.00 per night

Cat Boarding:

  • $21 per night

Bathing & Nail trims:

Please note: if pets stay 5 or more nights a mandatory bath will be given at owners expense

Dogs Baths:

  • Up to 40lbs – $30.00                                                             
  • 41-70lbs – $32.00
  • 71-99lbs – $34.00
  • 100+ – $38.00

Dogs Nail Trims:

  • Small/Medium: $14.00
  • Nail Trim Large: $16.00

Cats Bath:

  • $28.00

Cats Nail Trim:

  • $10.00

Extras: $3 fee for administrating medication or supplements per night.

* Handling fee for aggressive pets will apply.
* Pets must be up to date on all vaccines: 
     * Dogs (DHP, Parvo, Corona, Bordetella, and Rabies)
     * Cats (FVRCP, FeLV, and Rabies)

* Pets must have an up to date fecal test.

Tours of our boarding facility can be arranged by appointment.

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