Pet Microchipping in Lake Forest, CA

Microchipping your pet is an important part of preventative care for your animal. Nobody likes the thought of losing their pet. With a microchip, you can ensure that you and your pet will be reunited if it ever gets lost. At El Toro Animal Hospital in Lake Forest, CA, our veterinarian provides microchipping. Our team of experts will answer any questions you have about the process.


What Is a Microchip?

While the attention around microchipping is focused on finding your pet, it's important to understand that the microchip itself is just a medium that carries information. The microchip does not act a GPS locating system. It merely stores your contact information. If someone finds your lost pet, its microchip can be scanned at a shelter or veterinary clinic. You will be contacted so you can reunite with your pet.

Importance of Registering Your Pet’s Microchip

It is vital to register your pet’s microchip in a database and keep your contact information updated. Without your information, you cannot be contacted about your lost pet.

When your pet is microchipped, you may have a choice between a few registries. Sometimes the chip's manufacturer has one. You can register the chip with both that and one or two other registries. Note that the scanner used to read a microchip won't bring up information from all registries, so ask our veterinarian about which registries are more popular in your region.

It's also crucial that you update the information if you move or change any contact information. Even if you just change a secondary phone number, if you provided that number to the registry, update the registration as soon as possible. You don't want a shelter finding your pet only to call an old number.

Visit Our Veterinarian in Lake Forest, CA for Pet Microchipping

If you want to ensure that you can find your pet if it gets lost, you need to get your pet microchipped. The procedure is quick and painless, and can be done during a routine appointment. At El Toro Animal Hospital in Lake Forest, CA, our vet can microchip your pet and also help you with registration. Whether you need a chip to begin with or want to update information on a current chip, our veterinarian can help you get the information you need. Our goal is to keep your pets safe and healthy. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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