Spay & Neuter in Lake Forest, CA

Male (Neuter):

  • Dog (up to 30lbs): call for total estimate
  • Cat (up to 10 lbs): call for total estimate

Female (Spay):

  • Dog (up to 30 lbs): call for total estimate
  • Cat (up to 10 lbs): call for total estimate

Spay/Neuter price Includes:

  • Anesthesia
  • Pain Injection
  • Vital Signs Monitor

There is  a $2.00 additional charge per pound over 30 lbs (dogs) or over 10 lbs (cats). Dog In-Heat charge: $35. Cat In-Heat charge: $25

Vaccines are required for all surgeries, and must comply with our hospital protocol.


Wearing an e-collar will prevent your pet from licking at any sutures.

This will prevent infection from happening due to licking and will prevent any further cost. This is only optional if you already have an e-collar at home.

Pre-Anesthetic Blood work:

Blood work is for your pet’s safety before going under anesthesia! These blood tests is an evaluation of the overall health and function of the internal organs responsible for processing the anesthesia and medications. Although there are always inherent risks associated with surgery and anesthesia, these test can help detect problems that may alter anesthetic protocols, or even re-evaluate your pet as a candidate for surgery and reduce the risk factors involved.  These test are one way to have a look at the internal health of your pet. 

  • $82.50

Laser Surgery:

A Laser will be used to preform the spay or neuter instead of a scalpel. This results in less bleeding, less pain, and faster healing for your pet.

  • $55.00

Pain Medication: 

MEDICATION TO GO HOME. Some pets may require additional pain management after their spay or neuter.

  • $30.00



Please withhold your pet's food after 10pm the night before surgery to help ensure an empty stomach.  Having water available until morning is acceptable, but please restrict access to water as soon as you awaken in the morning.  

Why Spay? Spaying your pet reduces the risk of breast cancer, and eliminates the threat of uterine and ovarian cancers.

Why Neuter? Neutering reduces the risk of prostate cancer, and eliminates the possibility of testicular cancer.

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